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Changing the World One Breath at a Time!


It seems as though we are always asking our children to learn and behave, but are we effectively teaching them how?  We teach our children many skills, how to button their jackets, tie their shoes, ride a bike, and even jump rope, but are we teaching them how to calm down, how to understand and recognize their feelings and control their actions, or how to be kind and thoughtful to others? Are we teaching our children self-control, the most important skill of all—how to manage their own behavior? 


We cannot control our children, but it’s our responsibility as parents and teachers to teach our children the skills and strategies they need to control themselves – their bodies, their thoughts, and their actions.


Research has repeatedly confirmed that self-control and other “executive function” skills, such as, focus, and, learning how to pay attention are essential skills for improving behavior and academic performance. What better way to teach those important skills than through the practice of MINDFULNESS!


Discover ME offers a series of innovative activities, exercises, stories, and discussions through the practice of mindfulness to teach these executive function skills, such as, self-regulation, and, learning how to pay attention. 


Discover ME:


  • Supports the development of social, emotional, and early literacy skills.

  • Encourages a positive growth mindset.

  • Teaches coping skills by giving children the skills and strategies they need to calm their bodies and minds.

  • Cultivates empathy, kindness, and compassion.

  • Enhances the development of one’s senses, where all of our learning takes place.  

  • Builds and strengthens your relationship with yourself and others.

  • Encourages the development of competent language skills. This gives children the skills they need to effectively communicate with themselves and others.

  • Encourages self-awareness.

  • Teaches self-regulation, focus, listening, and attention skills.

Yes, through the practice of mindfulness children can learn how to pay attention! When we practice mindfulness by paying attention to our breath, it encourages us to focus and pay attention to one thing at a time.


Through the practice of mindfulness children learn self-regulation skills. They learn how to calm their bodies and minds which encourages mindful choices – learning how to stop and think BEFORE they make a choice and think about the consequences of their choices.


Through self-awareness and continued practice, these critical skills and activities encourage the development of healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

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