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What Kids Say about Discover ME

"Thank you for teaching us to use velvet words correctly and not sandpaper ones. I can focus on using empathy. There is no point in using sandpaper words. Thank you we really appreciate it. I will remember to always use self control words." - Christian


"Whenever I get really excited I will breathe. Breathing really helps my self control. After you have taught me, I have empathy. I have already started to focus. I can imagine what the look on my mom's face when she sees how calm I am. You gave me a lot of information." - Brandon

"Thank you for teaching me all these fun self control movements. It was really fun getting taught that.I sue it to help me think before I do something and it really helps me." - Abby

"Thank you for teaching me about self control. You taught me the right thing to do for myself and others. I learned that I always control my own body. I appreciate that you came and you said "Think before you do something." Just like you said I want to control my own body for my whole entire life. Thank you for coming and teaching us Ms. Jamie." - Gnapika

What Parents and Teachers Say about Discover ME

"Ms. Jamie is amazing! I'm buying this curriculum to make teaching students self-control concrete!" - Jackie Hauger

"WOW!! This is better than any program I've heard of. I'm starting it right away and will teach my nieces and nephew too!"


"Great strategies that will work! I'm excited to work with these tools and empower my class. Thank you!"

"Making the abstract concrete!! First time I’ve seen how to teach these concepts this way!!"

"Loved this session. Jamie made the session applicable to all educators. Will definitely use these tools my career for also at home."

"Absolutely fabulous. Jamie's is one of the best sessions I have ever attended. I need more!"

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